custom tarot cards

From custom card sizes shape, color , image, lamination etc. To your personal artwork we produce quality tarot cards and related accessories that reflect all of your individual style and desired preferences.Your custom tarot cards may be complemented with booklets, instructions and any other customized or standard components.

Tarot Cards

Type :oracle decks, divination card decks, spiritual decks
Shape: Squares, rectangles, circles, shapes
Packing: ordinary brand box, set box, PVCbox, tin box, gift box, etc.

Tarot Card Detail

White Cardboard Product Features
: High cost performance, white cardboard is firm and thick, has high stiffness, burst resistance and smoothness, the paper surface is flat, the commonly used thickness is 210,300 grams of white cardboard, and the most used is 250 grams of white cardboard The printed bag is full of color and the texture of the paper is also very good. One of the first choices

Kraft Paper
The varieties are yellow-brown and white, flexible and strong, and can withstand greater tension and pressure without damage. Both beautiful and practical, with high tensile force, strength and tear resistance. Beautiful, durable, tough and water-resistant. Commonly used thickness is 80-400 grams

Specialty Paper Product Features
Specialty paper mainly reflects the gorgeous effect of paper. It has a wide variety and large color selection. It is a general term for various special-purpose papers and art papers. The ink is not easy to adhere and absorb during printing, and it is not easy to dry. The usual thickness is 80-400 grams.

Coated Paper
Product features: The paper surface is smooth and glossy, and the coating is firm and consistent, which is convenient for obtaining beautiful and clear patterns and text after printing. The commonly used thickness is 80-400 grams

Gold And Silver Cardboard
Product features: gold and silver cardboard paper surface mirror effect, t, super smooth, high brightness; good stiffness, strong folding resistance.

Gray-bottomed White Paper
White board paper is a kind of white and smooth front side. “The back side is mostly a gray-bottom board. The commonly used thickness is 250-350 grams. The white board paper is white on one side and gray on the other side.

Full Service

Choose and create your own personal designs, card size, number of cards, instructions, booklets or any custom printed top quality accessories and packaging. Our full service complimentary graphic art staff is always available to assist you as well. We produce quality tarot cards and related accessories that reflect all of your individual style and desired preferences.

Personal Design

Using   different   thickness   paper : 128gms/157gms/200gms/250gms/300gms/350gms/400gms
Apply your design to both sides of every card.
Choose from top-quality paper, PVC or plastic card stocks with Glossy or matte finishes.
Use your unique card size or shape–Square/Rectangle/Round/Shaped.
Pick the custom-printed packaging (tuck or setup boxes, cases, tins, etc.) that’s right for you.

Why Choose Us?

Because Of Our Quality

We Have An Active And Passionate Sales Team Who Have Received Training In Our Product Expertise To Serve Our Customers In Accordance With The Best Service Standards.

Because Of Our Service

We have more than 10 years of experience in the printing industry. We have export licenses and book printing licenses. We are equipped with four-color heidelberger printer , various automatic varnishing, die-cut and packaging equipment, etc. Using GMG color proofing system to control proofing colors and final print product colors, we can match the proofing color to the final printed product color by more than 85%.

Because of our profession

We export books, catalogs, brochures, magazines, folders, calendars, hand bags, notebooks, etc. to all the countries like USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Germany, Sweden, Spain, France, Switzerland, Singapore, etc.

About Us



1,What are the main products you manufacture?

Our main products are poker playing card , game card, jigsaw puzzles, game boards,greeting cards, instructions,printing gift.

2,What is your MOQ? Can I make products under your MOQ?

A: Our MOQ is 500,
Yes, we can make product under 500pcs as requested, but the total cost is same as 500 pcs, which makes each product very expensive and that’s why we strongly recommend you order 500,Artwork requirements and guidelines

3,How Many Days Will Samples Finished? How About The Mass Production?

We are honored to offer you samples, usually we will arrange them with Digital Sample or Dummy in 1-3 working days, finished product sample is acceptable.
The lead time for mass production based on your orders quantity, finishing, etc., usually 7-10 working days is enough.

4,Artwork requirements and guidelines

Before proceeding with the production of mock up, we will need to do up a product visual with the artwork provided by the client.
We are able to provide layout design service for free.
In order to ensure that the artwork printed is okay, we will need clients to follow the guidelines as follow:

5, Artwork requirements and guidelines

We would prefer to work with artworks in AI, EPS, PSD, PDF format.
Kindly ensure that artwork is vectorized, pathed, rasterized.
Kindly ensure that the resolution of the images used is at least 300dpi (high resolution).
Kindly ensure that images used in artwork are embedded to avoid missing image links.
Kindly provide the pantone color code for the logo or artwork to be used.
Kindly ensure that the bleeding area is at least 3mm.

6,Mock up guidelines

Once artwork is confirmed and our official quotation invoice is endorsed, we will be proceeding for the production of mock up.
The production time of mock up varies for per product. The mock up time and lead time is usually provided with the quotation given.
After the production of mock up is completed, our sales team will send the photo of the mock up or the real samples to client to check and provide their confirmation to proceed for mass production.

7, Do you ship internationally?

A, Yes, we do, We also can ship good to Amazon warehouse too, but for the tax and duty charge, it is our recipients responsibility for any customs duties or taxes imposed by that country, which are collected by Customs. Please check with local government agency or contact shipper/broker to know more.
B, We have official DHL&Fedex shipment way, agency DHL/Fedex/TNT/DPD&Aramex way to deliver the goods internationally. For bulk goods shipment, we have quick type sea shipment and slow sea shipment to choose too.



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+86- 18826068077


+86- 18826068077